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Friends Remembered

Alex Finigan (1947-2023)


Alex J. Finigan,76, passed away on April 9, 2023.  Alex was born on February 10,1947. He joined TYP356ne shortly after our Club was formed in 1999. Alex was extremely generous to our Club.  Every two years Alex would welcome any members of our Club that were interested on a detailed guided tour of his world famous classic car restoration facility Paul Russell and Company. Alex owned, and drove extensively, many different 356s over the years.  I truly believe of all the classic cars he had access to the 356 was his favorite. Many people who knew Alex better than me have written wonderful things about him that you can find on the following links.  The best is the first one written by Alex himself about his wonderful life:

The Chase Newsletter for April 18, 2023 (

Alexander Finigan Obituary - Marblehead, MA (



























                                                                                                                                            “Alex Finigan checks out”  



                                                                                                                                            "Alex Finigan checks out"






Alex Finigan drawing for Obit.jpeg

Christine A. McManus (1947-2022)


Christine A. McManus,75, passed away on November 16, 2022.  Christine was born on August 28,1947. She and her husband Gregory R. McManus joined TYP356ne shortly after our Club was formed in 1999. Christine and Greg often graciously welcomed all of our Club members into their homes for yearly, homemade, absolutely fabulous meals.  Christine always made the most wonderful pies for dessert. First they invited us to their beautiful Victorian home in Brookfield, MA seen below.


















Later once she and Greg retired to their home in Pocasset, they invited us there seen below.



















Christine shared Greg's pleasure in traveling in their restored,1963, 356B for oysters, cappuccinos or just exploring winding roads.

She co-found the Brookfield Community Club and the Apple Country Fair as a way to enrich education and community life.  According to friends in Brookfield Christine was always standing up for what is right. 

In Pocasset Christine was one of the members of the Board of Directors of the Pocasset Water Quality Coalition where her positive attitude and great ideas made her a pleasure to be around.  She was most active in getting their membership where it is today. 


Christine was many things to many people, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Nonna, and Aunt. She found strength and grace from her faith that never wavered. She was a friend to all and was always ready to lend a hand whether it was for her community, her church or a school project for her children and later grandchildren. She always put the needs of others before herself and inherently made everyone feel special. 


Christine's  full obituary can be found here: Christine McManus Obituary - Bourne, MA (

McManus Pocassit.jpg

Erling Hultgreen Falck (1933-2022)


Erling Hultgreen Falck, 89, passed away on September 20, 2022.  Erling was born on March 10, 1933.


Erling and his late wife Maren were supporters of the Club from the outset. Erling was one of the initial group of guys who helped get the club off the ground in1998. He help structure and develop the Club's early bylaws.  His cars were some of the most exceptional 356s in the Club.  His Derby red 356A sunroof coupe was a stunning example as seen below:




















He was fastidious about presentation and originality.  He is remembered as one in a long line of TYP356ers who loved and drove their cars traveling far and wide throughout New England.  In 2000 we drove our cars to the 356 Registry Holiday in Roanoke, Virginia and drove the Blue Ridge Mountains, enroute we stopped at Gettysburg. What a great and memorable trip.

Written by Fran DeLeo

Below is a picture provided by Fran DeLeo of Erling and Maren in his yellow Speedster purchased from Ernie Groves. 














Erling smiling as he prepares for a lovely drive:

































Erling's full obituary can be found here: Erling Falck Obituary - Marblehead, MA (

Erling & Mauren Falk in yellow speedster..jpg
Erling Falck's 356 57 A coupe Derby Red.jpg
erling-falck obituary picture.jpg


Paul F. Tetreault (1943-2022)


Paul F. Tetreault, 79, passed away on August 1, 2022.  Paul was born on July 10, 1943. He joined TYP356ne shortly after our Club was formed in 1999. Paul organized many yearly Cape Cod Porsche Gruppe Luncheons at the Hyannis Yacht Club and always invited TYP356ne members to attend, and many of us enjoyed that event every year. He was the proud owner of a very nice 1962, 356B sunroof coupe, Meissen Blue over red upholstery.


Paul's obituary can be found here:   Paul F. Tetreault Obituary - Cape Cod Times


The following is a personal remembrance of Paul written by his good friend and Club member Michael S. Sarli: 

On August 1st, 2022 we lost a true Porsche enthusiast and I lost a real friend. I have known Paul for approximately 12 years. I’m sure some of you have know him much longer.

There are a number of coincidences and common experiences that we shared and they always gave us a chuckle. I’ll try to summarize them and hope you’ll get a chuckle as well;

  • We were both born in July… 10 years apart.

  • His birthday was the same day as my deceased kid-brother, the 10th.

  • We were both enrolled at UMass Amherst in the early 70’s. Paul was coming off his time in the Army, so he was on the GI Bill.

  • We both started in Engineering. Paul transferred to the Business School. I stayed in Engineering.

  • Paul’s sunroof ’62 356B Super was originally Slate Grey and is now Meissen Blue over red upholstery. My 356A Coupe was originally Meissen Blue over red upholstery.  During restoration in the late 70’s I had it painted 1962 Slate Grey… before I repainted it Red in 2000.

  • We both own an Arctic Silver 2000 Boxster S

While attending UMass, Paul had a Speedster as his daily driver. During the winter months he stayed warm by lighting a Coleman propane camp heater and placing it on the floor on the passenger side. That has to be the most novel heater upgrade I’ve heard.

We met at the Mobil Station on Rt134 in South Dennis. That’s kind of interesting to me as I worked for Mobil Oil (and subsequently Exxon Mobil) for 36 years. I don’t recall which of us were tanking-up the 356... which obviously started a conversation. We quickly realized that we lived about 1 ½ miles apart.

Paul was a Charter Member of the Cape Cod Porsche Gruppe. This started soon after we met at that Mobil station. We started meeting on Saturday mornings at Bucky’s in Dennis Port. There was 5-6 of us early on. We had invite cards printed up and we all stuck one under the wiper blade of any Porsche we came across in a parking lot. The CCPG mailing list now numbers over 300 and we’ve changed venues a few times. Paul was the organizer of the popular luncheons at the Hyannis Yacht Club. They would always draw a few TYP356ne members.  

Generous does not begin to describe Paul. You could not pay for lunch with this guy! Hot Dogs at the Dog House in Dennis Port was one of his favorite locations.  Indeed, the last time we ate lunch together a couple days before he was hospitalized, we grabbed a few dogs there. Clancy’s was another favorite. We could sit on deck and look across Swan River at his & Dianna’s house. He would show up at my barn/workshop with tools. Mostly Porsche related but not always.  Many of his yachting friends have similar stories of his generosity.

We would help other Cape Cod 356 owners with mechanical work on their cars. Paul would estimate the complexity of the job in terms of the number of hot dogs the owner would owe us.

We spent a lot of time together in the workshop in my barn. We’ve rebuilt 3-4 356/912 engines together. We had plans for this summer, to finish up his early ’67 912 engine and build a Frankenstein 356 engine from our combined spare parts, aka junk!

Paul Tetreault will be sorely missed by many.

Keep the Faith!

Michael S. Sarli, current caretaker 103679

Picture of Paul Tetreault_edited.jpg
ken Wisenburn Speedster.jpg
Ken Wisenburn.jpg


Ken Wisenburn (1939-2021)


Ken Wisenburn, 82, of Marblehead, MA passed away unexpectedly on November 4, 2021.  Ken had been a member of TYP356ne for 10 years, but he was a 356 owner for much longer. A real car guy and 356 enthusiast, his email address was KENWISE356A. The following is an excerpt from his obituary:

Ken was a car enthusiast.  Over the years, he enjoyed maintaining and repairing all of the family cars himself and passed his knowledge on to his children and grandchildren.  Ken owned a convertible (his pride and joy) for most of his life - first attending rallies with Phyllis, then putting it in storage when they started a family, and finally restoring it decades later.  One of Ken's happiest days was getting that convertible back on the road. 

That convertible was his black 1958 Speedster, pictured below, at Peter Thompson's swap meet in April of 2021. That Speedster is a survivor, mostly original.  John Consigli was in the process of helping Ken find a shop to paint the car in the days before his passing.

It's not clear if he was the original owner of the Speedster, but he did a lot of rallies with it starting in 1959.  So, he owned it for a long time. He told John Consigli, that he rallied with his girlfriend. Ken said that, along with her other attributes and charms, if she put up with me after all those road rallies, she would make a great wife.  She certainly did.

Rest in Peace Ken.

Ed Tobolski 


Judith Marilyn Cannizzaro (1942-2020)


Judith Marilyn (Lindenmuth) Cannizzaro, passed away peacefully on November 9, 2020.

Judy was born in Bethlehem, PA in 1942. She was the daughter of the late Bruce and Dorothy Lindenmuth, and the eldest of three siblings. She is survived by her two younger brothers, Bruce and John.  Judy and her husband Len Cannizzaro were founding members of our Club, TYP356ne, in 1998.  Both of them have been extremely supportive of our Club organizing many of our events for decades. Judy was always a gracious and pleasant presence with Len at so many of our Club get togethers.  Thanks to Judy's long-term volunteer work at the Burlington Massachusetts Public Library, our Club was able to hold our annual planning meeting there free of charge for many years.  Judy and Len married on June 17, 1967 and moved to Burlington in June, 1971 where they would raise their daughters. When Len & Judy first married he worked for Eastern Airlines, and the young couple spent the first few years of their marriage living in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. During this time Judy worked as a first grade teacher at a public school in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. They had many memorable adventures together in those early days in New York and took advantage of Len’s position with Eastern to enjoy trips to Bermuda, the Caribbean, Mexico and many locations around the United States. 

Len and Judy moved to Miami in 1969 and settled in Coral Gables where she gave birth to their first daughter, Carla. Shortly after that they relocated to Burlington, MA in 1971 and Len began his long career as a Burger King franchisee. In 1975 Judy and Len welcomed their second daughter, Andrea.  

Judy led a full and active life and was not one to sit idle.  She was an avid tennis player and was a member of the Burlington Swim and Tennis Club as well as the Woburn Racquet Club.  Judy was an accomplished hand stitch quilter, and made it a point to send a personalized baby quilt to every member of her family over the years to celebrate the birth of new children. Many beautiful quilted wall hangings decorate the walls of her home and those of her daughters.  She was also a longtime and very active member of the Burlington Garden Club during the 48 years that she resided in town.  Her love of gardening and flowers is something that she has passed down to her two daughters. Finally, as members of her family will testify, Judy was a great cook. When Judy married Len she learned how to make traditional Italian dishes and truly mastered the art of cooking them. Over the many years spent in their 200-year-old historic Sears Street home Judy hosted innumerable gatherings with friends and family. From trying her hand at new gourmet dishes with friends in an informal “cooking club” when she first settled in Burlington to establishing family food traditions for holidays spent together, Judy could master any dish she tried.

Judy’s family was the center of her life.  She had a wonderful 53 year marriage to her husband Len. Together they were lucky enough to travel the world with their friends, family and children. Trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, California, Italy and England generated many memorable stories that her family still enjoys revisiting. For Len and Judy’s 50th wedding anniversary they returned to California and were able to stay in the same hotels in San Francisco and Carmel that they booked for their honeymoon along the coast. 

Judy made sure her two daughters did not want for anything while they were growing up.  She exposed them to cultural opportunities and encouraged them to always approach life with a sense of curiosity. Carla and Andrea visited many museums with Judy throughout her life, took in Broadway shows together and enjoyed attending seasonal performances of The Nutcracker every year in Boston. Judy loved the beach and cherished the summers that she spent in Nantucket with Len and the girls, where she helped them learn how to ride bikes and took them on excursions around the island.  Judy was an avid reader and would usually be able to get through two or three books a week. She volunteered her time at the Burlington Town Library in recent years and was always on hand to assist with the annual book sale. She also cherished the time she spent with her two grandchildren Julia, 7 and Ryan, 5. In recent years she helped take care of them 2 days a week and instilled the same love of physical activity and games that she fostered in Carla and Andrea while they were growing up.  She taught Julia and Ryan how to play checkers and enjoyed reading to them. Julia and Ryan still refer fondly to their time with Judy as their “Oma days” and will cherish the memories of these days for many years to come.

Judy will be remembered as a caring, reserved woman who never liked to be the center of attention, but who opened up once she got to know you. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends, who will miss her caring, quiet nature and fun-loving spirit. Judy was truly one of a kind and a beautiful soul.

Memorials in Judith’s name may be made to Friends of the Burlington Public Library, 22 Sears St., Burlington, MA 01803.

Judy Cannizzaro.jpg
Len and Judy Cannizzaro.jpg


Norman T. Brust (1935-2020), The King of the Cab.


Our dear friend Norm Brust died at age 85 on September 3, 2020. Norm joined this Club in 2003 when he brought his 1963, Oslo Blue, 356 B Super cabriolet out of long term hibernation.  Norm bought the car in 1966 from the original businessman owner. He used it as his daily driver for years, and he rallied and raced the car on weekends.  However, as his family grew with many other commitments, he eventually took the car off the road for many years (1974-2002).  With his children grown in 2003 he revived the car gradually over several years after he joined our Club.  Many of us watched as he slowly corrected many flaws.  He first removed all the rusted areas on his own sanding the car down to bare metal in many places.  Rather than paint these areas he sanded he just applied clearcoat over the bare metal to stop any further rust damage, “cancer” as he called it.  He left the car like that from then on since he was wise enough to know not to give up the driving experience during years of restoration. He then had the old undercoating removed from the car with new undercoating applied, again after “cancer” removal from the pans.  Finally, he had the top reupholstered.  I never was 100% sure why he redid that top since I never saw Norm and Jan in that car with the top up. Norm was a faithful top down guy no matter what the weather.  Perhaps in the pouring rain he put it up, but I never saw it.

I have many memories of Norm, but one of the best was in 2008 shortly after I joined the Club. It was 9 AM, on a Sunday, with the temperature about 60 degrees, and I was on Route 24 south headed to Fall River for a Club driving event arranged by Bob DiCorpo.  There was almost no traffic at that hour. I did not have a 356 then.  I was driving my 2003, 996 coupe at about 75 to 78 miles an hour comfortably above the speed limit. In my rear-view mirror, I saw a blue something approaching fast behind me.  The car quickly pulled beside me.  It was top down Norm at the wheel.  He slowed down to wave and smile at me then promptly shot away easily 10 to 15 mph faster than I was going.  I would guess 85 to 90 mph.  When I arrived at the event Norm was already out of his car chatting with everyone.  At the event he winked at me and asked what took me so long to get there.  That was Norm, living life large and to the fullest.

Besides the bare metal clear coat areas, there were several other things about Norm’s car that I remember.  He had a black Massachusetts year of manufacture plate that his daughter had found on eBay and gave to him.  Norm told me the reason the plates were black that year was the prisoners that made up the plates mixed up the colored paint incorrectly causing the paint to peal from the plates quickly.  There was not time to correct the color problem that year; so, they quickly went to black since it was an easy color to make. His tachometer was turned 90 degrees counterclockwise to put the 5000 rpm redline right at 12 o’clock to be able to see it well for shifting during rallies and races. He also had a large roll bar in the car for the many races he ran in his youth.  His car was as interesting and unique as Norm was.  I think most of you would say Norm’s car was your Club favorite.  It was certainly mine.  Why do you think I drive an Oslo Blue coupe?  My poor imitation of the Norm Brust mystique.  Kind of like me trying to be Steve McQueen.  Everyone would know I was a poor substitute.

Norm’s close friend Ken Nykiel tells me that Norm started his career after graduation from Brown University as an electrical engineer.  It was at Brown that he met the love of his life Janet, and they later married in 1959.  Norm received his master's degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University in 1967.  Just before graduation Norm bought the cab. which he and Jan drove everywhere.  Norm and Jan lived in Winchester for a time moving to Pembroke in 1971, and later to Bridgewater in 2001.  Norm worked at Reitzl Porsche Audi in Norwell where he established their service department. He ran his own management consulting business for the past 32 years.  His car was so coveted that he had multiple six figure offers for it, but, as Dick Yirikian said: Norm knew enough to never give up that cab, “and never give up those keys!!”


Norm was a Typ356ne Board member for many years.  He planned and lead multiple spirited Club drives and Loafer’s Lunches.  He and Jan went to almost every Club event we had right up to the very end.  He drove his cab from Bridgewater to Newbury, MA to attend the Thompson Club swap meet on August 8, 2020 less than one month before he died. He did most of the body and mechanical work on his car himself.  He gave me and many others lots of help on how to maintain our cars.  He was never too busy to kindly and patiently help anyone.  He was an ideal friend and model Club member.  He will be terribly missed. There is no one to take the place of our absolute best, and most loyal Club member I know.

No one ever Kept the Faith better than Norm did.  I so hope he is looking down on us now from his open cab with the wind blowing in his mustache wishing us all safe and happy driving for a long, long time.

Allen Sisson, One of Norm’s many friends

Norm Brust 2016 Club Day by David Lawren
Norm and Jane 2019 Spring Tour by Greg L
Norm and Jan 2018 Spring Tour by Greg La

George Huff (1944-2020)


We lost one of the important founding members of our Club, George Huff, on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. He was 75 years old. George was very involved in getting our Club started in the late ‘90s, and he, along with his first wife Karen, edited our Club’s first newsletter for many years. Our Club would not be what it is today without his early work and many contributions. I, along with nine other Club members, attended a celebration of George’s life at Lasalle Village in Newton, MA on Sunday, February 23, 2020, hosted by George’s wife Marlene and his son Andrew. It was a lovely ceremony, and, as mentioned by many people in attendance, the nicest celebration of life they had ever attended. Bach was George’s favorite composter, and two of George’s good friends played several Bach arrangements on the cello and grand piano. His hospice choir performed many lovely pieces that were George’s favorites. Several of George’s long term close friends spoke telling many wonderful, and often funny, stories about their good times with George. His patient, gentle way with people was mentioned often along with his love of his ’64, Bali Blue SC coupe and his ’60, red T5 roadster. I also learned about George’s extensive knowledge of antique maps and his fondness of old clocks. He had a story to go with every old map that he owned which he enjoyed sharing with his friends. Everyone mentioned his frequent big smile and sense of humor. His gentle soul will be missed by me and I know by many of you.

Allen Sisson

George was one of the key people to get TYP 356 Northeast off the ground. He held a reverence for the marque and a ton of enthusiasm for the notion of building this club. He was a strong supporter of establishing and expanding the club membership and newsletter and helped us reason through the challenges. We met at his home many times outlining, planning and communicating what a 356 car club would look like. His wit, humor and affability always kept us smiling and on track. George was at the nucleus - an early supporter that will always be remembered by me and all who knew him. Condolences to his son, Andrew and his family.

Fran Deleo


If you want to learn more about George go to the May 2016 issue of Tub Times. He was the featured member in that issue. All back issues of Tub Times can be found on this website under Newsletters.

George and Marlene Huff.jpg

Valerie MacKoul (1945-2019)

On January 17, 2019 we lost one of our long term, very active Club members Valerie MacKoul. She was 72 years old. Our sympathies go out to Rich MacKoul, her loving husband for the past 52 years. Valerie and Rich often invited Club members to their family business, MacKoul’s Cars in Grafton, MA to see their beautifully restored 1955 Speedster. They would have Speedsters that belonged to others there made in different years to compare how the Speedster evolved with each year of production, Their Speedster was certainly no trailer queen. Rich and Valerie drove that Speedster on many of our Club drives for years. They really knew how to enjoy their car and use it as it was intended. We will all miss Valerie and remember her warm personality every time we see Rich with his Speedster out for a drive. 

Allen Sisson

Valarie MacKoul.jpg
Valarie and Rich MacKoul 9.18.2011.jpg

Mary Louise (Campbell) De Leo, 58, died Sunday, January 14, 2018 following a courageous battle with cancer. She was the beloved wife of Fran De Leo (our second Club President) for twenty-seven years. Mary, with Fran, had been an active member of this Club since its inception. She was involved in many of the Club events, most recently participating in Club Day in 2016. It is safe to say that without all the hard work Fran and Mary did in the Club’s early years, TYP356ne would not exist today. She was a lovely person, and will be missed by many. Her memory will live with all of those who had the privilege to know her. We all offer our deep condolences to Fran and their son, Evan, for the loss of Mary.

Allen Sisson

Mary De Leo (1959-2018)

May Louie De Leo.jpg
Mary DeLeo in 1970 911.JPG

John Favolaro  (1949-2016)

John Favolaro passed away on January 24, 2016, at the age of 66. He probably left with a smile, as that was his nature. He couldn’t help it. John's quiet, calm and confident demeanor was an attraction, a magnet. He was accessible and easy to talk to, but never one to take over a conversation; he was more interested in what you had to say. Once you started a conversation with him it was clear that he was well-versed on many topics. His connection with interesting vehicles was long and extensive. He first owned Porsches in the late 1960’s while living in California. Over the years, he moved into building custom hot rods, with a 1936 Ford coupe being his favorite. Each of his cars were original works of art. John was a regular on the hot rod show circuit, gathering many awards and recognition for his creations. Over the last 15 years, as his interests evolved from building cars to driving them, John moved back to the world of Porsches. He loved and owned Porsches of every era. He appreciated the quality of the parts that made the whole and how precisely they functioned together. He loved the way the cars performed. John was truly a car aficionado and was interested in all makes of cars - and motorcycles. Corvettes and Harleys did not escape his interest. His keen power of observation and appreciation of the details were extraordinary. Touring a car collection with John was always a treat and added a whole new level of understanding. He was constantly on the search for his next car, even in his fading months. John loved the hunt and his patient demeanor served him well to keep him from buying the wrong car. He confessed that he could have retired years ago if he wasn’t so obsessed with them. But he wasn’t complaining. It was sheer enjoyment. John was more than a car guy and had many other interests. He was an avid collector of knives. In his youth he was a karate instructor. He was an outstanding periodontist, and practiced for over 40 years on the North Shore and Cape Cod. He and Cathy loved to travel. John was born in Lynn and spent much of his life in Peabody. He went to school at St. Amselm’s, Georgetown University, and Boston University. He was a Navy veteran. Most importantly, he had found his life companion and wife, Cathy. It took him 40 years to find her, and again his patience was well rewarded. John had a great life and was a good friend. We are lucky to have known him. RIP John J

John and Catherine Favalaro.jpeg
John Favolaro in car.jpg
John Favalaro.jpeg

Dominic P. Falconeiri ofLakeville, MA, formerly of Middleboro passed away on Monday, May 18, 2015, after a courageous battle with Cardiac Amyloidosis. Dom was the son of the late Philip and Margaret (Morrone) Falconeiri, and brother of the late Vincent Falconeiri of Middleboro. He leaves his wife, Mary Lou Kelley Falconeiri, and four sons: Peter and his wife Michelle of Rochester, Vincent and his wife Amy North of Easton, Matthew and his wife Leah of Hingham and Joseph of Boston. He also leaves 5 grandchildren, James, Max, Ella, Charlie and Stella. In addition, he leaves his sister Donna Newton and her husband Steven of West Lebanon, ME, and many nieces and nephews. Dom was a veteran of the Viet Nam War serving in the Air Force. He was the president and founder of Falconeiri Construction Company and was active in the Building Homes for the Troops, the Austin Healey Club of New England and the Porsche Club of the Northeast. Dom's passions were spending time with his family and young grandchildren as well as traveling with his many friends. He was an outstanding craftsman, making detailed furniture and builder of custom homes.

Dominic P. Falconeiri (2015) 



Don Osborne (1943-2013)

Donald H. Osborne, Jr., 70, of Rye, died Sunday, September 8, 2013 at his home surrounded by loving family.

He was born in Glen Ridge, NJ, March 11, 1943, the son of the late Donald Harrison and Doris (Hawkey) Osborne.

Don was raised in Verona, NJ and was a 1961 graduate of Verona High School. He went on to earn his bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh. After college, Don entered the U.S. Navy, earned his Naval Aviator Wings, and flew the P-3C Orion aircraft. He left the Navy and flew for Delta Airlines for the next 28 years. He and his college sweetheart and wife of over 46 years, Sandra (Sirms) Osborne, moved to Rye from New Castle in 1975. In Rye, Don was an active member of the Rye Lions Club, a volunteer for the Rye Senior Serve organization and was a board member of the Beach Club. He also served on the board of The Housing Partnership in Portsmouth and was a past president of the North Country Region of the Porsche Club of America.

Don was also a active member of the TYP356ne Porsche Club. Don was the 31st member to join the club which was founded in 1998. He served on the Board of Directors and was a Tourmiester for over 180 members. Don was an accomplished woodworker and photographer; many of his beautiful photographs were displayed and sold at local galleries.

Always generous, loyal and giving, Don volunteered his time willingly to help those in need. He had a great sense of humor, connected easily with people and made many friends. He loved his family and spending time with them was the most important part of his life. He will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved him.

In addition to his wife Sandra of Rye, Don is survived by his sons, Jeffrey Osborne and his partner Kenneth Mayers of Boston, MA and Kevin Osborne and his wife Jennica of North Berwick, ME; his sister Sharon Lee Osborne of Union, ME; his granddaughters, Katherine and Elizabeth Osborne, and his golden retriever Elke. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

© 2005 Typ356NE

Don-Osborne 2.jpg

Maren Meyer Larson Falck (1945-2011)

Maren died peacefully early Sunday morning in her home, May 15, 2011.

Born on July 31, 1945 in Salinas, Kansas, Maren grew up as the oldest of four children in a military family, and graduated from the University of Illinois in 1969.

A lifelong dancer, Maren attended Jacob’s Pillow in Lenox, MA and danced professionally in New York City before moving to Columbus, Ohio, where she raised her family. She became certified at the Laban Institute in NYC in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals, and was a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. Recently she completed her yoga teacher certification.

Maren moved to Marblehead, MA 16 years ago when she married her husband Erling. She was very active in the Marblehead community and served on the board of the Old Marblehead Improvement Association. With her husband, she enjoyed sailing out of the Eastern Yacht Club and driving their vintage autos with the TYP356ne Porsche Club. Erling told me: "TYP356ne was a huge part of our life together. Many friends, many memories. You have no idea how much our little Jellybean cars meant to us."  She was honored to be part of the TYP356ne community.

Survivors include her husband Erling; her daughter Eliza Larson; her step-daughter Jami and her husband Jonathan Barry and their three children Olivia, Miles and Charlotte, of Marblehead, MA; her sister Betty and her husband Mike Russian, her brother John and his wife Helen Meyer, her brother George Meyer, and several nieces and nephews all of Bellevue, WA.

Meran Falck.jpg
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Christie A. Boulding (1951-2010)


Christie Boulding, 58, died unexpectedly Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010 in Wayland, Mass. She was born Oct. 21, 1951 in Ann Arbor, Mich. the only daughter of Kenneth and Elise (Biorn-Hansen) Boulding. She was known as the pickle in the middle in the family of two older and two younger brothers. She moved with her family to Boulder, Colo. in 1967 where she was often involved in Quaker work camp service projects and on the ski slopes during her high school years. A lifelong history buff, Christie graduated in 1973 from the University of Colorado with a membership in the senior women's honors society and a degree in history. She spent several college summers in County Kildare, Ireland with the Guinness historical project to save Castletown House, one of the county's great houses. Christie met the love of her life, Greg Graham, in 1975. They married in Norwich, Vt. in 1981 and the family moved to Wayland in 1985. Greg, Christies husband of 31 years, died in February 2010 after a short battle with lung cancer. Gracefully combining career and motherhood, Christie completed her MBA in Finance from Simmons College in 1981 and became involved in her daughters' school PTO, Girl Scouts and athletics | as well as her husband's passions for vintage Porsches, boats and sailing. Family sailing trips in the British Virgin Islands were favorite vacations for years. Christie's professional career spanned from her appointment at Bank of Boston to her long held positions as Chief Financial Officer of Graham Contracting of Wayland. They worked together for many years, specializing in green residential and commercial renovations and their company gained a wide reputation for its innovative employee partnering management style. Christie had and adventurous spirit | archeological dives in her youth gave way to her passion for travel, reading and gardening. A dream trip to Italy with her husband in 2000 and a June 2010 cruise through Italy and the Riviera satisfied her love of history and art. She was active in the Wellesley Friends Meeting for many years and served as a Clerk of the meeting. Christie is survived by her daughters Meredith Elizabeth Graham of New York City and Emily Barbara Graham of Wayland. She is also survived by four devoted brothers; Russell of Bloomington, Ind.; Mark of Englewood, Colo.; Philip of Olalla, Wash. and William of Durham, N.C. Seventeen nieces and nephews, as well as six cousins, will also miss her. Christie also leaves behind her dearest friend, Hope Morrissett of Boulder, Colo. 

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Greg Graham (1948-2010)

GRAHAM, Greg Fowler Of Wayland, died, February 20, 2010 age 62. Loving husband of Christie Boulding, father of Meredith and Emily, and brother of Sherry Graham Nelson. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. Relatives, friends, colleagues and clients. His Quaker memorial service was Sunday, February 28 at 1pm at the Wellesley Friends Meeting House.

Greg had his own construction/contracting company. He was an avid sailor along with his wife Christie and they planned to retire, buy a yacht and take a year or two sailing around the world. He also had a varied interest in cars from Porsches along with plans to restore a Tatraplan that he had bought.

My relationship with Greg predates my joining TYP356ne by ten years. About 1997, as owner of Marlboro Seamless Gutters, I got a call from Greg (Graham Construction) to provide an estimate for installing gutters and downspouts on a house he was renovating in Wellesley. I remember meeting him at the job site. He was very thorough and wanted to know in detail exactly how we intended to do this installation. When we finished, he said "you got the job", this is before I gave him a price! From that day forward, we did all of his gutter/rain control work, no questions asked.

I vividly remember his job signs, they were a work of art. Would you expect anything less from a Porsche purist? He was a true professional that always thanked me in person after every completed job.

Greg was a very upstanding man and a good person to have known.

Paul Vincent

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Joel Horvitz (1943-2006)

After more than 35 years of collecting Porsche’s, Joel lost his battle with cancer in 2006. He had a number of very special cars since buying his first 356 in the early 1968. Over the years he collected a wide variety of Porsche’s from a 58 Carrera Coupe, 57 GT Speedster, 356 C’s etc. However none represented his passion for collecting as completely as his Spyder. After purchasing his first Carrera car in 1977, he was hopelessly hooked on the cars sporting Dr. Fuhrmann’s very special engine and soon began a tireless search for his Spyder. It took 20 years, but in 1998 he was finally able to realize his dreams and acquire one of the true rare beauties of the collector car world.

Since acquiring the car, it was shown at a few local shows, but the Spyder’s first big outing was at the 2002 East Coast Holiday in Charleston. While in Charleston every single person who wanted to get that feeling of history by proximity got more than they could have imagined. Everyone and anyone were free to touch, get in, go for rides, and enjoy the car as if it were their own for the weekend. He not only loved this car and the hobby for himself but he loved it for everyone.

Joel’s involvement in the various clubs was extensive. He served as the Treasurer for the National 356 Registry, was instrumental in making available the “Made by Hand” VHS tape to club members, Chairman of the ECH Waterville Valley and was awarded the 356 Registry Hall of Fame Award.

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John Merrifield (1940-2005)

John's first 356 was his 1964 Bali Blue coupe that he purchased new at Pray Auto in Greenwich, Connecticut. He purchased his silver 1956 Speedster in 2003. The original color of that Speedster, according to it Kardex, was Aquamarine Blue Metallic with red interior.

When you met John you found him quiet, observant, and a modest gentleman. That was enough for anyone. It happens to be only the beginning of John's life story. He loved cars and sailing. A man of incredible skills, ten Americas Cup yachts are included in the 50+ custom yachts he constructed. In 1985 John co-founded Merrifield-Roberts Inc., in Bristol, Rhode Island. In addition to fine yachts, Merrifield-Roberts fabricated sculptural projects that brought life to designs by renowned artists like Lichtenstein, Puryear, Oldenburg, Frank Gehry and Phillip Johnson.

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